pharmaBank facilitates the development of life science technologies through its professional in-house team and access to capital markets.  pharmaBank positions itself in the development chain by acquiring promising technologies near to or at the Phase I clinical trial stage of development.  We add value by incubating these technologies through their ongoing technical and financial developmental stages.  This process continues up to a stock market listing, merger or trade sale as appropriate.



As an organisation for emerging biotechnology projects, pharmaBank offers the following capability for life science projects with commercial potential:

  • Prospecting, selecting and validating life science projects;
  • Internal IP services to “derisk” the venture;
  • Establishing of seed capital and mezzanine funding;
  • Management, incubation and mentoring services for new biotech companies; Technology transfer and IP licensing;
  • Extensive global corporate alliances, networks  and partnering;
  • Development of clinical trial programs;
  • Coordination with appropriate regulatory authorities;
  • Corporate strategies for start-up companies through to IPO development; and
  • Creation of viable exit strategies for investors and companies.

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