B.Sc (Hons), Ph.D (UWA),
Dr Millen is a venture capitalist with over 30 years experience in establishing his own start-up enterprises in the private and public corporate domains. He has a PhD in chemistry and biochemistry from the University of Western Australia and as a Fulbright scholar worked in the Molecular Biology Institute of UCLA with Nobel Prize Laureate Professor Paul Boyer.
Dr Millen has been the lead investor and strategist in private companies, ASX listings and company takeovers.  He has had experience as a board member of many private and public companies and has been Chairman and CEO of several ASX listed organizations.  He has brought to these companies a strong ability to operate at the interface of technology and commerce.
In 1995 Dr Millen commenced the development of a project for a drug that had the potential to reduce damage to the body from ultraviolet radiation.


He established Epitan Limited to develop this project further with that company listing on ASX in 2001. Epitan changed its name to Clinuvel Pharmaceuticals Limited (CUV) in 2006. Under Dr Millen’s stewardship, the founding Managing Director and then Chairman, Clinuvel has developed its drug into Phase III clinical trials and has one of the largest market capitalisations in the Australian biotechnology sector. He retired from the CUV Board of Directors in November 2006 in order to focus on the Company and continues as a consultant to CUV.
In the international arena Dr Millen has been involved in public company listings, structuring joint ventures, marketing agreements and strategic alliances with companies in China, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Africa, USA, the UK and Europe.  Dr. Millen’s wide international scientific, business experience and entrepreneurship has been instrumental to his corporate success.


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