In general, the submission and assessment process follows the following outline:

  1. First Contact. First contact regarding a potential investment should be made to our Business Development Manager. You should provide a brief summary of the project;
  2. Execution of a suitable confidentiality agreement.  pharmaBank can provide you with one. Once arrangements have been entered into on mutually acceptable terms the submission process moves to project dossier preparation;
  3. Project Dossier. Applicants should have prepared a detailed project dossier including a business plan covering project background, detail of current status technical development, projected plans for on-going technical programs, details of IP, key literature support references, budgets and timing for future programs;
  1. Initial Review. The initial review is an assessment of the information supplied to pharmaBank. This review ascertains the extent to which a venture meets the investment criteria. It is possible that further information may be requested;
  2. Option and Evaluation Agreement. If the investment criteria are met and pharmaBank wishes to proceed further, a document is prepared in conjunction with an applicant. This may cover exclusive option periods, a description of the discovery process and other conditions of any potential investment; and
  3. Discovery & Documentation. During discovery, the proposal is evaluated in a more robust fashion. The evaluation includes technology and patent audits, management and opinion leader reviews, identification of potential exit mechanisms, and valuation. Successful discovery can lead to approval, an investment milestones timetable and documentation of the deal.